A sweet reminder

Today I am joining Lisa-Jo and friends for Five Minute Friday.
This is where we come together writing for 5 minutes without editing or over thinking.

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Five Minute Friday
3-2-1 GO
March 2000, I can remember like it was yesterday. Our family  moved from Salisbury MD to Clarksville TN. We loaded our young family into a moving truck and traveled west. We had no idea what was in store for us. We knew we needed a place of restoration and healing for our marriage. Without it we were done…
moving truck
We found an amazing Christian Church to attend which also served as immediate family for our 1st grade son and our daughter who was due to be born any day. After seeking marital counseling our marriage was being renewed daily. With the help of loving friends we were on a path laid out by God.
One year later we moved to Knoxville TN where I enrolled in Johnson Bible College. Six years later and a third child,  I would cross that stage to receive my MA in marriage and family therapy. My degree, our journey is a reminder that anything is possible as long as God in the center of our marriage.
This year Jon and I celebrate 20 years together…

3 thoughts on “A sweet reminder

  1. Praise God for His protection over your marriage, and for sustaining you in your journey! Congratulations on obtaining your Masters … may He use your gifts and skills for His glory, and to bless and minister to countless others.

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