Me…Afraid? #FiveMinuteFriday #FMFParty

Today I am joining Lisa-Jo and friends for Five Minute Friday. This is where we come together to write for 5 minutes all with the same word prompt. We write without editing or overthinking.  And then we connect on Twitter with the hashtag #FiveMinuteFriday

Check out what everyone is sharing on the word AFRAID here


3 – 2 – 1 GO

The ultimate performance trap. I’ve lived my life for many years feeling trapped. There seemed to be no way out. I would see small glimmers of hope but again the chains would close…trapped. I spent so much time trying to figure out where I fit in. In the black community, I was too white.  In the white community, I was too black. In the skinny community I was too fat. In the quiet community I was too loud. In the loud community I was too quiet. In the intellectual community I was not smart enough. In the mediocre community, I was too educated. Trapped in a swirl of lies and deception.chains

One day in 2012, I resolved it was time to break free and live my life unafraid of what people thought about me. I began to look myself in the mirror and start asking “Who are you? and What does God say about you?”.Who am I

I am still on a journey, some days I still walk afraid of what people think of me. Then I come back to God’s Word. He reminds me I am redeemed with an everlasting love and it is the Lord who has called me to this place, by name for His name sake.


4 thoughts on “Me…Afraid? #FiveMinuteFriday #FMFParty

  1. Nicole,I’m jumping over from #FMF and I love, love, love this post! My 2013 one word is FREEDOM! And that is it that truth of coming back to God’s word and who He says we are and to live in the freedom of that. What an encouragement your post was for me today. Praying for you to continue your journey towards being unafraid because we can rest in Him.

  2. Hello, I am stopping in from Lisa-Jo’s FMF link up.
    Wow. I’ve also found myself having to stop and dive into God’s word to remember “my place” when it seems everyone out in the World I don’t belong. Your post reminds me of how important it is to know that. Thank you for your honesty in your post, I enjoyed reading it.

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