One word…Overwhelmed

One word…overwhelmed.

Yesterday, December 13 was my 40th birthday. I spent the day getting a new license, picking up a Christmas gift, CrossFit workout and pedicure with girl friends. Later that evening I ventured out to the intermediate school to celebrate Christmas with my children through the sounds of the choir and band. Everywhere I went people smiled and wished me the happiest of birthdays…I guess the sparkling tiara gave them a hint.


When the day came to a close, I sat quietly reading through birthday wishes on Facebook and emails. Overwhelmed by the love and affirmation I received I began to cry. Lord…why have I allowed so many birthdays go by without celebrating. There was a time when I did not want a cake or even a candle. There was a time when birthdays were not happy. That’s another post for another day.

Today, I continue the celebration with some of my dearest friends.
Several friends are in my house at this moment now decorating what sounds like the party of the year!! I promised no peeking as I spend some quite time alone.


As I think about the people who are joining us this evening, I am overwhelmed. God has taken me on a journey that has crossed paths with so many wonderfully amazing people. The greatest gift I have received is to know they call me their friend.



As I walk joyfully into my 40’s, I am truly excited about celebrating all that God has done in my life. The wounds are healing, brokeness is mending, walls of loneliness are  shattered, the emptiness is being filled. God is overwhelming me with His Love, His Mercy, His Grace.


Jesus, You make All things NEW!!


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