Birthday Love



Woke up to these words this morning from my amazing husband and I wanted to share them with you!! Next to my salvation, he is one of the greatest gifts from God!!

40 years ago today God brought one Nicole Seronda Cowan into this world. With a path that took her through tragedy, pain, anguish, sorrow and mercy God protected her. Over 20 years ago God introduced her to me and for the past 20 years I have watched in absolute amazement how God has gently combed through her life and turned those things that Satan intended to use to destroy her into jewels of her character. Almost like watching a diamond as it is turned in the light of the sun, God has taken and polished surface after surface and continues to do so right before my very eyes. This I can say with absolute certainty; the brilliance with which God will allow her to shine in the very near future is beyond my capacity to envision. She is truly a gift of God to me and my family. This on Her 40th birthday. Happy birthday my wife my love, my soul mate, the part that makes me one, Nicole Cowan Hawker I love you…
Jon Hawker


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