Fit by 40

January 2012…Began 2012 with a Daniel fast and my prayer…God set my life in order. My weight is getting out of control. Compulsive eating is killing me.


March 2012…Lord please wake me at 5am so I can join my small group girls to workout.


March – June 2012…Lord give me strength to continue working out. I know I am becoming a stronger wife & mom.


July 2012…Lord thank you for Crossfit. I am encouraged and motivated to always push myself to new levels!!


October 2012…Mudsanity 5 mile obstacle course and mud run with my small group family


November…met some personal records…195lb back squat and 225lbs for a deadlift


December 9, 2012…Completed Santa Hustle 5k in under 45 minutes. Reached a 205lb PR for back squats.


I am not done…fit by 40 is just the beginning. I believe God is making all things new. I know we’ve been told we get a new body in Glory. I thank God that because He makes all things new I am receiving a new body on this side of heaven.
I run the race set before me and in doing so I may not always come out ahead of anyone else. I may be  slower, I may walk at times but this one thing I know…I will complete the race!!


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