Prayers for my sister…she is coming to the House

Updated…God has forever called me to pray for my sisters. During the third night of the December Solemn Assembly God laid it heavy on my heart to pray for the women in our church and community.

Specifically, I am praying for women who are bound by “sins of the night”. The addict, the prostitute, the women caught in trafficking, the women abused by pornography.

Will you pray and believe with me, God will send “those” women to this House, The Gathering, to find healing and freedom. I am believing the light on the hill will shine brightly in the darkness for those women as it has for me.

**God prepare us to be ready to receive women from these walks of life. Lord I believe these women have been so beat down by Satan with shame, guilt and fear. They may feel unworthy to come in during the daylight hours. I am praying God raise up an army of women who will stand watch in the midnight hours for the women are bound by “sins of the night”. Lord raise up intercessors to be on the lookout post when theses women enter our house. Lord prepare us to receive women and children who have no place to run but to the House of God.


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