Full of Expectancy

It has been 20 years and our family has taken very few vacations. We have been camping, we have ventured out in an RV, we have traveled near and far. This year we are planning our trip to Chincoteague VA. Chincoteague Island is 7 miles long, 1-1/2 miles wide and known for the Assateague pony swim each year in July.

I  expect this year to be a little bit insane as we are traveling with a 18mth old, 5, 8, 10, 12 and 18 year old.  I expect several bathroom stops and lots of whining about who is touching who. I expect there to be times of scolding and many more times of molding our 5 boys and 1 girl. I expect there to be times of utter chaos and times of sweet peace.With all of these expectations I am also expecting time alone with the Lord. I am expecting to break away from the everyday norm and carve out walks along the beach at sunset. I am expecting times of refreshing as I watch the sunrise from our sky gazebo.

My prayer as we prepare to leave in less than 24 hours…Lord open our hearts and minds to the things you want to reveal to us during this time away. Lord in the middle of our expectations, renew in us a desire to expect Great things from You. Lord may we seek you in all that we do and may we forever find you in the places we least expected.

And for those of who are wondering…yes I have located 3 CrossFit boxes 🙂





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