How precious…the heart of a friend

Saturday June 11th is a day etched in my heart as the day my friends carried me to the feet of Jesus. These friends would not allow the normal to over come the supernatural. They believed the Lord would meet my needs.

I woke up Saturday feeling a little anxious about the lack of resources secured for a fall mission trip I’m planning to take. At one point I simply looked upward and said “Lord what are you up to, You said I’m to go on this trip but I have no money.” I began thinking what items could be sold. A few minutes later I receive a text from a very dear sweet friend letting me know she is talking with a potential investor towards my trip. In my lack of faith, I thought that’s awesome a couple hundred dollars is a wonderful blessing.

My sweet friend is part of a group of ladies who meet every Saturday morning to pray and share God’s Word. This particular Saturday, two women came to the small group with a burden to pray for my financial needs for the mission trip. Totally unsolicited by me but motivated by the Holy Spirit. Remember…I’m in my house throwing my worries up to God.

God impressed it up one of the ladies in the Bella Sisters small group to invest a significant amount of money to send both me & my 17 year old son to Uganda. I was so excited that I could not express more than Thank You Lord.

God totally ROCKED my world Saturday on so many levels. God showed me what it means to love someone. God showed me what it means to be called someone’s friend. Love & Friendship: words we sometimes take for granted & let roll off our tongue.

As friends how well do we know each other that we could carry one another’s heart? Thank you Bella’s you carry my heart well…very well!!


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