Mission Monday…where He Leads I will follow.

This week I had the opportunity to attend a Mission Monday meeting at The Gathering in Sevierville TN. During this meeting I learned of three mission trip opportunities. Two are here in the states and one is around the world to Uganda Africa. Yes Africa!! For more details on each of the mission trip opportunities click here.

As a Christ follower, my aim is Lord where you lead me, I will go. There is an old song I used to sing as a little girl in choir…I have decided to follow Jesus…that’s a bold statement when you boil it down to submitting to follow. I am still praying about where Jesus is leading me to go…could it be around the globe to the middle of the desert or right here in our neighboring county.

Five years ago…I followed the Lord to Venezuela and I left a huge piece of my heart. I will admit I was nervous, scared, anxious, and every other feeling in between. Knowing that my husband had been to Venezuela before me had eased some of those concerns. This year, Jon is not going before me; at least not to Africa. He said to me Monday night…that mission trip is more about you and what God has in store for you.

So this year I am praying…Lord where will You lead? Will you, my friends and family, pray with me? Check back soon as I will post more updates regarding Mission Trip 2011!!



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