Easter & a Resurrected Soul

Sunday April 24…what an amazing & glorious day. Our church family heard an awesome Gospel Message from Clayton King, campus pastor of Liberty University. He spoke on the three ways to believe in Christ based on John 6. The Jews acknowledged an inherited belief based on past miracles of manna from heaven. Some expressed an intellectual belief and demanded to see Jesus perform miracles in the present. And then there are those who have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Question…how do you believe? Do you believe in Jesus Christ simply because mom, dad and grandma believe? Do you believe because of a miraculous event that took place? Or do you believe Jesus Christ rose from the dead, defeated hell, AND confess Him as YOUR personal Savior? Wait…I know what you’re thinking…as long as I believe in Jesus I get to go to heaven. Well if that’s the case…Satan and his demons will be there too…WRONG!! As Clayton King said Sunday the demons, Satan, and even humans who fail to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will NOT be in heaven. If your life, testimony and walk do not line up with confessing Jesus as Lord there is but one final destination for your soul..HELL. Its as real as HEAVEN!!

Now on the other hand; if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, that He rose from the dead and believe He is Lord…then you shall be saved. I remember the day I married my husband…18 years ago. If I continued to live my life as one unmarried he would question my belief and commitment. I learned to live a new life, wear my wedding bands as a symbol of my marital covenant and walk a new walk. The same took place when I confessed Jesus as Lord, I took on the waters of baptism as an outward symbol of an inward experience that Jesus confirmed in my soul. I am now in covenant relationship with Christ. I live as one who is a bride of the King. Not perfect but saved to tell the world what Jesus has done. He not only raised from the dead 2000+ years ago…He resurrected my soul to live abundant and free!!

So Easter is not just a day to celebrate because my grandma celebrated, or a day to celebrate because Jesus healed my body of an incurable disease. Easter is a day that I confess with my mouth…I believe Jesus Christ is the son of the Living God, born of a virgin, He walked this earth for 33 years, was beaten, stripped of his flesh, stripped of his dignity, nails pierced His hands & feet to a cross…and three days later…HE AROSE. He defeated sin, hell and death. Jesus Christ is my Savior, Lord and King!!

So again…how do YOU believe??
Nicole Hawker


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