Birthdays and a Haircut

Last week my amazing husband turned 40yrs old. One day while preparing for his birthday party I looked in the rear view mirror and caught a glimpse of myself. I needed a haircut bad!! As I stared into my own eyes; I felt the Holy Spirit say “Your 40 is coming do you want to look and be the same?” Kinda brushed it off and kept going about my day. Later that afternoon thoughts of my children began to flood my soul.

My oldest son will be 17 yrs old this summer. He has a heart for missions and desires to repair walls torn down by destruction. Not much about me, the physical me, has changed in 17 years. Spiritually I’ve grown up, emotionally I am getting stronger everyday but wow physically. The Holy Spirit gently asked “How are you maintaining the temple of the King?”

My daughter will be 11 in less than a week. Wow is she ever growing up; becoming a young lady every day. She is a worshiper and a teacher to the very core of her being. Once again ever so gentle the Holy Spirit asked “Do you model what it means to a daughter of the Most High King?”

My youngest son is turning 9 later this Spring. We affectionately call him mini-Trump because he is gifted with an amazing thought process, logic and understanding. He is very strong-willed and a fierce competitor. And once again the Holy Spirit nudged me and said “You were once a fighter; why do you let the enemy drive you to complacency about caring for yourself?” Ouch that one stung a little; but so true.

As my husband blew out the candles on his cake; a little bit of me wanted to know his wish. But in that moment as I looked around the room filled with friends and family; I knew the wish, the desire, the Lord has placed in my heart.

I knew something had to change before I reached my 40 candles; at this point I have 21 months. So…yesterday I had my hair cut it dries faster after a good long workout 🙂 I’ve been reading “I dare you to change” by @bilcornelius. It’s time for change!!

Time to become fierce about maintaining the temple. Time to become fierce about walking in confidence and modeling for my children what it means to be a child of the Most High King. Time to allow God to renew my inner strength vigor and energy to be all that God has called me to be as a wife, mom and servant to His Body.

Nicole Hawker


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