The Journey Continues

Today…I closed a door. As it was shutting a woman asked me “Are you happy with your decision”. Instantly she felt she had offended me but it was a perfect question.

You see this door I closed is one that I probably should never have opened. It was a door to a safe place, a door to a familiar place. What was that door…it was a door which swung on the hinges of my pride. Last fall I made a professional decision that sent me back to working part-time. The work itself was not the issue; the issue is that it stifled my faith in God’s provision & protection.

So to answer the question “Am I happy with my decision?” A resounding yes! As I was closing the door; God opened the door for me to share a small portion of my faith. I had the opportunity to tell of my church family I was able share the value in walking in submission to my husband. I had the opportunity to leave with the respect of my peers and giving Glory to the name of Jesus Christ.

I believe that by closing one door God has the opportunity to open new doors. When I allow the Lord to order my steps; He knows my personality well. He doesn’t wait too long to begin unveiling the path little by little.

The journey continues…
Nicole Hawker
twitter: nicolehawker

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