Goodbye…So Long!

While reading Beth Moore’s latest book I had an Aha Moment. I am the most insecure when trying to taylor my words, thoughts and actions to please those around me. I am the most secure when I think, act, speak, and feel the way God created me to be. When I operate by His standards I am more confident and at ease. When trying to please man (or woman) I am faking it; I know it and God knows it.

Psalm 139 describes in very intimate and elaborate detail to which I was created. God knew what He was doing when He created me as an outspoken, Type A, Choleric, with a hint of Golden Retriever. He knew my spiritual gifts, my weakness and my strengths. As my old Pastor Keith H. would say…I celebrate the uniqueness!!

Dr. Tony Evans just tweeted the following: Many of us are asking God – why aren’t You giving me power? God is asking us – why aren’t you exercising spiritual authority? @drtonyevans

To walk in spiritual authority is to know the Source of power and authority. To walk in power and spiritual authority is to walk with integrity. Integrity of self; being true to live out the design and destiny of Him who created. He, God the Father created me; it is He who shapes me; it is He who molds me and it is He who approves me.

So from this moment forward; as Beth would say insecurity you have been a very very bad friend!!
Looking forward to Beth Moore Simulcast this Saturday with a few friends…there is still room for more!! Come join us as we pursue a life of authenticity and confidence!! Nicole Hawker


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